Saturday, January 28, 2012

SSX Prep Victory

HAHAHAHA, SUCK IT BROTHER! I have been playing a bunch of tricky lately to get myself back in the spirit before SSX comes out in February, and tonight I experienced a victory of epic proportions. I should explain that I bought Tricky used my junior year in college and it was a big hit. My roommates and I all become quickly obsessed. Then I came home to NJ for the summer to intern in New York, and my brother, home from his waitering job during the day while I worked, beat all my high scores in a matter of weeks. Some I was able to defeat, but this Tokyo Megaplex High Trick Score had eluded me for years after he set it. Now mind you, I haven't played this game at all in probably the last three years, and it's been about 7 since he set the record. Today, however, today it came crashing down. And here's the proof:
Elise and I destroyed the record he set with Kaori. Not just by a measy few thousand points. By over 150,000 points! So take that, big bro. ;) Love u.