Thursday, August 30, 2007

new craft project

i entered a swap last week called "OTT 14." for those of you not in my immediate family or on craftster, a swap is something organized by my favorite web forum,, where people who make stuff swap crafted goods with one another that are organized around a theme, in this case OTT. ott stands for one tiny thing. craftsters use one skill that they're really good at to make one TINY (4x4" or less) item to send to their partner. since lately, i've been getting really into (and decent at) jewelry and beading, i decided to use that as my skill. plus the partner i was assigned had a beaded bracelet on her wist. (wist, also for those who don't know is a site that allows you to capture thumbnails of any picture on the web and add it to a wishlist, with both crafted and manufactured items as well as books, people, and whatever else appears on your ultimate wishlist - found at so i made her the beaded bracelet you see below. it was my first of this style, and i'm pretty pleased with how it came out. i brought it to work today, and two of my coworkers said they'd pay between $15-20 for it. if i get accepted to the craft fair again this year i might have to make some. they'd bring a much tidier profit than my plastic rings of yore.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

on my wrist (please ignore how hairy it is!):
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what do you think?


Gloria said...

That is soooooo beautiful, Beth!

wonderturtle said...

Oo, pretty! I want to buy one too.

songinhersky said...

thanks guys!