Monday, April 25, 2011

Almost Forgot About Musical Monday!

Hey Intarwebs,

Today's song was selected primarily for two reasons. (1) I had totally forgotten about this song's existence for the last five years or so until I saw it yesterday on an episode of "That 70s Show". (2) Even though I had heard this song a bunch before, I didn't have it on my ipod or any CD. So I always assumed, primarily because of the multi-part minor harmonies, that this song was sung by the Beach Boys! So when I 'shazam'ed it yesterday while it was playing on TSS, I was astonished to find it was sung by a group I've never even heard of, "The Turtles." Did this band even have any other songs, or were they a one hit wonder? If I didn't need so urgently to be off to bed, I'd wikipedia them right now, but alas I've got to drop you today's song and leave:

Also, isn't this video so adorably unintentionally creepy? AFN!


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