Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Mother's Day - Belatedly

I'd like to stop and take a second to tell you how much I love my mother. Figured since it just passed, I could make it a belated Mother's-Day-Related statement. My mom and I have an amazing relationship. I think we have a closer, more honest bond than probably 90% of parents and kids. I credit the year we spent in Michigan without my father with making a big leap in growing our closeness. When there was no one around but the two of us, there was no choice but to spend a lot of quality time getting to know each other, and sharing with each other. I mean, I suppose there was a choice - I could have been the typical petulant teen, and not given her the time of day (instead a bunch of lip) but I knew that would be a lot less satisfying for both of us. So we grew pretty close, and we've managed to maintain that. The other thing that's totally awesome about my mom is how she never fails to surprise me. I always think I know her completely and then she'll share something with me, or react a certain way, and I'll think - I've just scratched the surface on this brilliant, loving, wonderful lady. And I can't think of anything better to illustrate both our closeness and the quality I just described than the following anecdote, from a conversation she and I just had today:

~(all names changed to protect the anonymity of those concerned)~

Me: So I was over at Trey's house last night, and Liam called.
My Mom: That must have been awkward.
Me: It kind of was. You know, now that I think about it, I think they both think I'm sleeping with the other one, when in reality I'm not sleeping with either one of them.
My Mom: Keep up the good work!

LOL. I died laughing. Never thought I'd hear something quite so cavalier and coquettish from someone normally so conservative. That woman is crazy, and I love her HUGELY. And I just thought I ought to let the world know.

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