Sunday, May 22, 2011

Living More Alive

I'm still feeling it, every day a little more. Lately, I am feeling so much about so many different things. Some days, I think my heart will explode right out of my chest. I feel it straining the bounds of its container right now. I didn't remember what it felt like to live this way, it's been so long.

He knows me. How does he know me so well? His intuition is right on. I am a restless soul. I do take things personally. Insights. Turning my eyes inward, I do know a few things.

I need to get rid of some stuff.

I need to help people.

I need to love myself a little better.

I need to make some changes.

I am like one of those flowers that closes its petals at night. I wake up every day and have to remember to bloom all over again.

I was floating down the river, resigned to float forever. Now I'm entering the rapids. I am paddling paddling and the water feels alright.

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