Monday, June 27, 2011

Rain Tableau

It was so hot, it was almost oppressive.  She walked out the door for lunch and the scalding, humid air resisted her like water.  She was swimming upright through the heat.  She perched on the low concrete wall that enclosed the pond, taking tiny bites of her sandwich and chewing them up slow, pondering.  She noticed the air around her start to hum, felt its low, guttural vibrations the sky above prepared to open.  Suddenly, she was being pelted with droplets fat as egg yolks.  She looked up and saw the rain pouring down, glittering like millions of Hope diamonds, crystalline and breathtaking.  She closed her eyes and a scene popped into her head.  He was here. They ran for cover together, but stopped short.  "Kiss me!" she beseeched him, while warm rain obliged on both their skins.  A memory she suddenly longed to create.  She opened her eyes.  Stuck out her tongue to taste the rain, finding it a touch bitter.  Popped in her last bite of sandwich and ran back inside, alone.

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