Friday, June 10, 2011

The Score Thus Far

Week Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Series Avg Season Avg
1 92103117 312 104 104
2 866785 238 79 92
3 7812587 290 97 93
4 13694137 367 122 101
5 12392117 332 111 103
Interesting to note that despite the fact that my overall game has definitely improved this season, my average hasn't matched that of the first week.  But the first week was an uncharacteristically good one for me, score-wise. 
For comparison's sake, here are some sample sets of scores from our last season (in the "Let's Get Started" league, whereas now we're in the "Not That Good" league.)  Foolishly, I did not save my scores from every week, thinking since I was doing it for fun, why should I obsess?  Now, I'm suddenly super interested in the patterns of my score and how I'm doing.  I think the fact that I'm improving is a big part of the genesis of tracking.
Week 4 - 73/105/65
Week 5 - 69/131/87
Week 6 - 67/107/66
Week 9 - 79/104/69
My game seems to have become a lot more even-tempered this season.  More consistent.  Last season I often had this bell curve thing where I'd have a crappy warm-up game, a half-way decent game in the middle, and then I'd get tired and have another crappy game.  Only once this season have I had the bell curve.  In fact, much more often (3 to 1) I'd have the inverted bell curve, where my crappiest game was the middle one.  Explain that to me!
The general improvement between seasons I definitely think I can attribute to getting my own ball.  Having a bowling ball specifically drilled to fit your hand as opposed to a house ball which only has S/M/L holes and is drilled un-angled so it can be used by a righty or a lefty has made a huge difference in my release.  I can bowl much straighter more consistently when I'm not gripping the ball with a death grip because I'm afraid it's going to slip off my hand.
Anyways, bowling has been SO fun.  I'm really glad the two people who were going to do it alone decided to mention it to the group writ large and let us all get involved.  It has been a great way to get to know my coworkers, it's been fun to see myself improve, it's handy and money-saving to have acquired shoes and a ball for leisure bowling as well as league play, and it's been a great way to be social and get out of the house another night each week.
Fun times.  Watch this space for updates on my progress throughout the season.


Clarion Content said...

Tip: Drink cheaper beer, bowl better...

SongInHerSky said...

hahaha, I may have to try that