Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ummmm, Ew.

Today I had occasion to see the video for "On the Floor" by JLo. Do not ask how. I wasn't seeking it out, it sort of just happened to me. Here are some thoughts:

(1) Hellllllllllo obvious product placement. The shoutouts to BMW and Swarovski at the beginning were just sad. If you're going to be that obvious, at least be amusing and self-deprecating about it (see: Wayne's World).

(2) Anyone else think Jlo's nude spider-woman costume is a rip off of the Britney "Toxic" costume? It was the first thought that popped into my head, anyway. Let's compare:



ok - they're obviously not the same, but the reference is there, in my opinion. and Jlo? You don't need to take any pages out of Brit's book.

(3) She never really dances in this spider suit. Know why? It's those six inch heels she's wearing. Sometimes women are DUMB. So DUMB.

(4) Though the conceit (pun intended) of celebrities watching themselves in videos is not a new one, it's still always creepy.

(5) Pop music is out of new ideas right now. SRSLY.

That is all.


Clarion Content said...

Seriously, how much better looking is Britney than JLo?? Hello, celebs, hello? Never rip-off an outfit from somebody who looks waaay better in it than you do!

SongInHerSky said...

Yeah, I'm with you - in this particular instance Britney is way cuter. And just generally, I'm on Team Britney. I want things to work out for her.