Friday, December 9, 2011

A plea for editing help!

Because I can't fit all of this on one tweet - here's what I need (x-posted from facebook): Hello friends. I'm sure you all have interesting lives and therefore, probably, plans for this evening. However, on the off chance you are casting about for something to do with your free time, I have a suggestion! I am deeply in need of another set of eyes (or, like, twelve more sets of eyes) on my personal statement for my grad school application. It has been a long time since I've had to write something of this nature, and I feel out of practice. Plus, rather than go the boring route and solely write about why/how I've demonstrated commitment to the six guiding principles of their program, I decided to go totally out of the box/off the wall creative/(crazy?) and write it sort of like a personal comic book narration. At least partially. So I would love it if some of my smart friends could possibly help me out with some editing? LMK if you're available and I'll email it to you later on tonight. I'm supposed to be sending it out to my recommenders this weekend, so I'd need your help sort of ASAP. Thanks in advance & much ♥!

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