Sunday, September 2, 2007

John Larroquette

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Taking a cue from wonderturtle, this blog decides to (ironically or not) adopt one of its favorite character actors. We had a hard time choosing, and we think in the end our selection was biased based on all the episodes of West Wing we've been watching lately. Regardless, Run Bethie Run chooses John Larroquette. John Larroquette of a long stint on Night Court, a (so far) short stint on Boston Legal, 5 emmys, and various tv show guest appearances fame. My favorite of these guest appearances is when he threatens to kill John Spencer (a.k.a. Leo) with a cricket bat in an episode of West Wing. This fabulous moment is captured here. Apparently this is many other people's favorite John Larroquette moment, as when he's google searched, it's the third result! Also, he speaks loudly and carries a big stick, and you know you can never go wrong with that bit!!

I'm going to the US Open today with my family, which I'm totally pumped about. But hopefully I'll be back later, because I have a new movie review: Dial M for Murder.


wonderturtle said...

I have hearted him since the Night Court days, and before reading this post could not have named another of his appearances. Thanks Beth!

Gloria said...

Ah, Night Court. Good times!

He freaked me out a bit when he was on The Practice (in which he played a disarmingly charming murderer), but he was still good.