Saturday, June 19, 2010

Can We Talk About... excited I am for this movie to come out?

No, we can't talk about it. That's how excited I am. TOO excited.

In the meanwhile (since it doesn't come out until December), here are some other movies I will probably try to see this summer.

Coming out this weekend, Toy Story 3 continues the Toy Story saga as Andy's toys have been donated to a day care center. Most of my faves are still around (Rex, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, and of course Woody) but there are some new characters that sound interesting too. Michael Keaton is joining the cast as Ken, and I'm really interested to see his chops as a voice actor. I'm a little dubious of this 'lots o huggin' bear, but I guess we'll see. There was a cool article in the most recent Wired magazine all about some of the technical stuff behind the movie, which was fascinating. So I'm hoping they didn't just hype the technical stuff and kill what has otherwise been a great franchise, story-wise. The original Toy Story sits high atop the list of my all time favorite animated movies.

In addition, I am REALLY eager to see Inception, the new Christopher Nolan (Dark Knight, Memento) film. Several who I like are in it, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe, and others. The idea of the movie, that these thieves steal dreams for corporate gain by inserting themselves into subconsciousness while people sleep, is unique and interesting. So all around I'm interested. Plus the trailer makes it look fairly kickass (and I am swayed by such things):

Also on my list for this summer are: The remake of Karate Kid, The Last Airbender, and maybe Middlemen.

Things I think I'll be skipping? The A Team probably, as it just looks kind of lame. Also? Twilight. That ridiculous franchise will never see a single dollar of my money.

Now all I need is someone to actually GO to the movies with!! {{Sigh}}

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