Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Quick Links to Videos

I quite enjoyed this video, which Frequency informs me is a Sweedish biking activism group called 'Mock' celebrating their first anniversary.  I really liked the shot looking down on the spinning bike wheel, which looked like it might be using stop-motion.

I was so excited a few weeks ago that Artie finally got a chance to get out of the wheelchair on Glee, even if it was just for a 'dream' sequence.  I particularly enjoyed the way it was filmed, interspersing the studio-filmed clips with 'footage' style clips that made it seem like a real life flash-mob type scenario.  Anyway, here is his dance number.  Enjoy!

This time-remapping 3D animation video, an ad for Ecko Unlimited, is super neat - a technical feat to be sure.  It reminds me of a music video I posted a few months back - a fan-made tribute to the song "Two Weeks" by Grizzly Bear.  Here's the link to that as well.  In my opinion, it totally trumps the original made by the band.

Finally, via Russ on the Mep Report, this last weird-ass video.  It is an auto-tuned number about our inevitable exploration and settlement of Mars.  It's pretty out there, but I enjoy that a young Carl Sagan sings the chorus.  Here it is.  I totally support the idea of eventual human exploration of Mars (and possibly settlement, should the environment prove to be suitable.)  The only thing I don't like about the idea of living on other planets is that it gives some people justification to treat Earth badly.  They think, "Oh if we fuck it up, it's fine because some day we'll all be living on Mars anyway."  Though that's mostly crazy people.

Anyway, all for now, enjoy the links!


David said...

If you like autotuned Carl Sagan, there are several more by the same. You can check them out at

SongInHerSky said...

I checked some of those out...good times.