Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello, Internet, It's Me Beth

Today it occurred to me that so much of what gets posted to the internet is just people's way of reaching out in the digital era.  Checking to see if anyone's listening.  Or if anyone cares.

...tap tap.  This thing on?

But seriously folks.  All joking aside, I count myself amongst that population.  Half the fun of posting status updates to facebook is seeing what causes people to respond, and what they have to say.  The creating of a dialog.  Can you imagine what it would be like if status updates were really just status updates?  There was no commenting, likes, or dislikes?  I'm certain way fewer people would do it.

Elsewhere in my brain at the moment, is a post I've been marinating on for a number of months but am even more eager to do of late.  It's a long rambly exploration of gender comparisons (and interactions) in the workplace, but especially in the finance industry.  Watch this space.  Promise it won't be so long til next posting. 

I leave you with one parting thought - just watched the movie Paper Heart and it was adorable.  I give it a solid recommendation.


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Clarion Content said...

One of the pleasures of the internet is somebody is always listening...