Friday, April 8, 2011

The Dreamer Can Know No Truth

I had a dream last night that I invited you back into my bed.

You became a snake, coiled menacing and hissing at my feet.

I tried to slip out of bed unnoticed - slowly sliding my limbs from under soft sheets. You followed me with your eyes, your head slightly bobbing as you curled your body tighter against itself.

I began to back towards the door, panicked by your unbroken stare. Suddenly I had a sword in my hand. You slithered off the bed, hardly making a sound as your taught scaly lengths kissed the surface of the floor. You raised your head, showed your fangs and headed my way.

Not thinking, acting only with survival instinct, I swung the sword down and across the front of my body, feeling no doubt that it would result in the swift removal of your head.

But alas, my blade was dull and useless. You were only momentarily shocked by the blow but you quickly recovered, launching yourself, springlike, at my face. I raised my hands to protect myself and you bit them over and over again.

I collapsed, exhausted from the adrenaline draining in the face of venom invading. You turned back into yourself. "Help me," I pleaded meekly. You turned your back and walked out.

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