Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mantra for a New Season

Risk-taking is a continuum that ranges from smart idea to terrible idea, with many f-stops in between. However, there are two conditions that help greatly in pushing it towards brilliance. First, is knowing all the possible outcomes and understanding what's at stake both for good and ill. Secondly, is knowing what emotions are likely to be byproducts of said outcomes and processing them to their logical conclusions. Given full understanding of both of these factors allows for a comfortable weighing - an answer to the question - can you handle any of these outcomes? Or really, all of them? Because you don't know which one you're going to get, so the answer can't be "I can handle all but this one, but there's no way that's what's going to happen" - because you just DON'T KNOW. Trying to keep this in mind at present. Risk taking is an emerging theme at the moment.

Unrelatedly, I've upped my geek factor by a new exponent as of this evening. I just concluded a 12 week bowling league I was in with some friends from work. At the end of the league all the participants got a 'parting gift.' Sidenote: I am joining another league in May (woot!) because of how much fun I had with the first league. Sidenote 2: This will be important! Because the 'parting gift' was our very own ball!!! In our desired weight and drilled to our specifications! AWESOMESAUCE! Here are two (extremely dorky) pics of me with my new ball!



final sidenote: I am HELLA tired right now, so I'm sorry if any of this is incoherent. respect!

just kidding, this is really the last thought - this is my 18th post in 2011. this means that by april of 2011, I have already written one more post than I did ALL OF LAST YEAR. goodness, I'm not sure why the sudden outpouring, but I am happy about it.

ok, that's all folks!

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