Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sorry for the Drought

So I have to apologize. I have been neglecting this blog big time lately. The reasons are twofold. First, there have been a lot of things happening in my life that have been sucking up my time. Secondly, any time I have left over for blogging has been dedicated to getting a different blog off the ground. I recently had my friend Mike, who is an excellent programmer, build me a website for my humble but growing photography business. While I'm not quite ready to show that yet, as the 'about' page still needs to be finished, I will say that part of it is having a blog attached to it. For shots that I want to show off but not enough to make them featured on the professional page. To that end, let me introduce Scenes From My Lunch Hour. It's an idea I conceived of a few months ago wherein I go out during my lunch hour each week and try to find something worth shooting. While the blog has not followed this format thus far, it will begin to very shortly. But I needed to get some other content up there first, so it's not totally bare when I start. I'm not super happy with the template, but I'm still learning my way around wordpress at the moment. I am not great with CSS, much better with straight up HTML or XHTML, so I find it a bit annoying.

In any case, most of my efforts have been expended there, at the expense of this blog. Hopefully soon I'll have something to show for it, and in the meanwhile I'd just like to apologize for the drought of posts here.

Also, one thing to quickly share. Was reading through a quick Entertainment Weekly piece yesterday about the end of Harry Potter. Several of the main actors were asked for quick soundbites on 'what they'd miss most' about the movies. Expected answers were given - the cast, the experience, the stunts, etc. But I liked Snape (Alan Rickman)'s answer best: "I think things like this are meant to end, and you should not miss it - you should just be happy that it ends well." A valuable maxim to remember for many things, Snape. Thank you.

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